Teej Festival in Nepal
Have you heard about Teej Festival in Nepal? It is the biggest festival celebrated by Nepalese women. Nepal is one among such countries where festivals are observed nearly on a monthly basis. YES! It observes dozens of festivals in a year. Being a multi-ethnic nation with more than 125 ethnic
Nepal is undoubtedly suitable for all seasons. Most of the people like to visit Nepal in Spring and Winter. But Have you ever thought of hiking in Nepal along with the spell of rain in Monsoon? This might excite you guys. YES! Soaking in the rain and trekking through the
A chopper flying parallel to Himalayas while undergoing Helicopter Tours in Nepal
Introduction       Helicopter tours in Nepal is a luxurious way of surveying Nepal’s rustic settings via choppers. If you want to witness the Himalayas without an extra effort then our Heli Tour/Mountain Flight is the right pick for you. By booking Helicopter tours in Nepal, you can fly
Ever asked, “How to spend 10 Days in Nepal?” Yes! But within 10 days we can cover major portion of Nepal at a peek. Nepal is a country of natural beauties full of hills, mountains, forests and lots of things to experience. On the other hand it is also a
Freak Streets in Kathmandu
To the south of renowned Kathmandu Durbar Square, there lies a narrow alley which is called ‘Old Freak Street‘, in Jhochhen Tole. In the 1960s and 70s,  hippies made it all the way to Nepal from several nations to this place. Hence, the name; Old Freak Street in Kathmandu! Old